1x4 Spyderco Stones - KME Sharpener

Spyderco Stones for the KME Sharpener 1x4"  All Grits

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Spyderco stones for the KME sharpener come in 3 grits - Medium, Fine, and Ultra FIne (UF) and will fit into the standard KME Sharpener stone holder. Stones are 1" x 4" x 4-5mm thick and are mounted to a 2mm thick aluminum blank. They can be used in the KME sharpener, or as field stones, travel stones and slip stones.

The Medium Spyderco stone is an excellent transition and cleanup stone from the KME diamond and great for maintenance sharpening. Its about 1200 grit.

The FIne Spyderco stone is also a very effective transition and maintenance stone, leaving a very respectable working edge. It's about 2K Grit

The Ultra FIne (UF) Spyderco stone is a must have finisher stone, and is rated at 4K grit.

Spyderco stones can be used wet with oil or water, as well as used dry. Wet use will gives the stones more aggression while dry sharpening will squeeze out a finer finish over time.

Spyderco Medium Spyderco Fine Spyderco UFScratch pattern of the Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine Spyderco stones

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Length 4
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