MORENO oboe reeds are hand made by Pablo Moreno who is an active performer and freelance musician. Pablo is particularly versatile with performance backgrounds in orchestral playing, contemporary music and historical performance practice. Teachers include Alex Klein (Chicago Symphony), Robert Walters (Cleveland Orchestra), Kathryn Montoya, and Eugene Izotov (Chicago Symphony and San Francisco Symphony).

It is easy to get oboe reeds mass-produced with machines; however, they will never play as well as reeds made with the eyes, ears, and skills of a professional oboe player. With my reeds, you will feel motivated to play the oboe, while a great reed relieves many of the difficulties of the instrument: great response and depth in all registers, ease of staccato, smooth legato, and flexibility. You will be able to make long melodic lines, and will be happy with how your sound will develop when you practice on good reeds. You will like how you sound!

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