Jende Bar Bag

Jende Bar Roll for Elite Bartenders and Mixologists

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The Jende Bar Bag is a must have for all elite Bartenders and Mixologists! We're bringing the ultimate in presentation, transportation and protection for your valuable and unique tools with American-made classic stone oiled brown leather construction, D.O.D. certified hardware and thread, and is Nanocoated to help protect against spills and stains.

Each Jende Bar Roll is desgined to hold all your tools securely, including a shaker, jiggers, strainers, spoons, and knives. You can even carry a bottle of your favorite spirit and/or a kilo of recreational drugs!*

There are even customizing options available, which include all of the current Jende Knife roll color schemes as well as a custom lasering of your logo or name!

*Drug Mule clause: All drugs must be returned to Jende once Bar Bag is successfully delivered. We will be weighing the bags, so don't get any ideas! 

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