1x6 Coticule & Belgian Blue Stones

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1x6 Belgian Coticule & BBW (Belgian Blue Whetstone) stones for the Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, and TSProf.

The 1x6" Coticule and BBW (Belgian Blue Whestone) Stones come in a standard 1"x6" x 0.25" thick (6mm) mounted to a standard aluminum blank, and will fit into any standard Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, or TSProf system. They can also be used as field stones, slip stones, and even slurry stones. 

The BBW (Belgian Blue Whestone) is more abundant with a lesser concentration of garnets, and is approx. 4K in grit. 

The Coticule is the prized yellow stone that is renouned for use with straight razors, and is approx. 8K in grit. 

Sharpening with coticules and BBWs always uses water. All that is required is to wet the Coticule surface; there is no need to immerse the stone. During sharpening, garnets are released from the Coticule surface. The more garnets are released, the more abrasive the grinding compound becomes.

A frequently used method for increasing abrasiveness is to use a rubbing stone/slurry stone to produce a grinding compound with a high garnet content on the Coticule surface. This is done by rubbing the Coticule surface of the rubbing stone over the Coticule surface of the whetstone. The milky white grinding compound does not take long to appear.

For the fine honing, the grinding compound is diluted in a number of stages with a small amount of water until finally there is only water on the surface.

This method, combined with the versatility of the Coticule, means that only one whetstone is needed for the entire sharpening process.

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 1x6 Belgian Stone Type     Price   
1x6 BBW with slurry stone 40.00
1x6 Coticule Select with slurry stone 45.00
1x6 BBW only 35.00
1x6 Coticule Select only 40.00
Slurry stone - BBW 1x1 10.00
Slurry stone - Coticule Select 1x1 10.00
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Width 1
Length 6
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