Student Reed Knife by Jende

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Student Reed Knife

Introducing the Student Reed Knife by Jende!

The Student Reed Knife by Jende is designed as the premier student reed knife. It’s the only reed knife specifically designed for student use that is professionally sharpened and guaranteed to be ready to use right out of the box. Beginner and intermediate reed makers will gain positive experiences from the very first scrape, and all the way to their first finished reed and beyond. They can even choose from a variety of sheaths! Parents will love the affordability and quality of their investment in a product fully supported by Jende Industries. Teachers will love the affordability, consistency and predictability of the blade when scraping, as well as the ease of maintenance and sharpening over the years from knife to knife and student to student.

Some of the finer points about the Student Reed Knife:

·         Highest Quality product for your investment. Jende Industries knows music, knife making, and sharpening.

·         Streamlined, beautifully stained maple wood handle is tapered to fit all sizes of hands.

·         Personalized left and right handed knives give every student the right kind of edge for their needs.

·         Stainless steel blade minimizes rust, prolonging the lifespan of the edge and the knife’s original luster.

·         Blade Quality is hard enough to withstand the rigors of student reed making while still being easy to maintain with basic and minimal sharpening equipment.

·         Professionally Sharpened, giving students the best chance of success from their very first scrape. Teachers can also depend on the consistency of each knife to scrape right out of the package, freeing more time to spend on actual reed making.

·         Supported 100% by Jende Industries with reed knife maintenance tools and kits, sharpening supplies and books, as well as sharpening services.


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