Welcome to Jende Industries Australia

Jende Industries is currently an international company with facilities in the US, Australia and Taiwan. we are passionate about delivering high-quality knives, Strops and sharpening accessories to our customers. With over 15 years of experience in the Sharpening industry, we have made a reputation, precision, and commitment to our customers.

Our team of skilled professionals is always dedicated for delivering excellent services and ensuring that your knives are restored to their factory sharpness. We understand how important is having a well-maintained knife in your kitchen, and we take pride in contributing to the performance of your culinary or professional endeavors.

Quality and customer service are priority to us. We use sharpening equipment and techniques to ensure consistent results. Our process involves carefully assessing the condition of each knife, determining the appropriate level of sharpening required, and applying the necessary techniques to restore its cutting edge.

Our sharpening processes are designed to be efficient and eco-friendly, and we continuously explore ways to reduce waste and promote responsible practices.

Whether you are a professional chef, a home cook, or a collector of fine knives, we are here to provide the sharpening services you need. At Present, the Jende Industries Australia is taken care by Zanvak Team.

We look forward to helping you for choosing the best possible knife and knife sharpening systems. We also stock Taiwan Tuna Knives, diamond emulsions and much more.

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