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Jende Industries Guided Sharpener (JIGS 2.0)


The Jende Industries Guided Sharpener, or Jende JIGS for knives, has earned a stellar reputation as an ultra-precise, user-friendly guided sharpening system in the world of cutlery. This remarkable knife sharpener is designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering the perfect solution for achieving razor-sharp edges with ease. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Jende JIGS 2.0, the upgrades from the original version, and how it stands out as one of the best knife sharpeners on the market.

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Precise Construction and Durability

The Jende JIGS 2.0 boasts an all-stainless, dishwasher-safe, weatherproof construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use in various environments. This durability is not only an indicator of the product’s quality but also reflects its suitability for both professional kitchens and at-home sharpening needs.

Exacudrive: Precision at Your Fingertips

One of the standout features of the JIGS is its Exacudrive system, which simplifies angle adjustment. Whether you are a well seasoned or a novice sharpener, the Exacudrive system makes precise angle adjustment easy and repeatable throughout your sharpening session. This is crucial for maintaining the desired angle consistently, resulting in superior sharpening quality.

Versatile Sharpening Range

The Jende JIGS 2.0 provides an impressive sharpening range, spanning from 10 to 26 degrees. In fact, it offers a bit more flexibility in both directions, allowing you to customize your sharpening angle to meet your specific knife requirements. This versatility is a testament to the JIGS’ adaptability, accommodating a wide range of knives and cutting tools.

Efficient Clamping Operation

With a one-tool clamping operation, the JIGS 2.0 simplifies the whole clamping sharpening process. The movable clamps on the system adjust quickly to fit any blade length, ensuring that you can clamp various knives with ease and efficiency. The time-saving benefits of this clamping system make it an invaluable tool for professionals and enthusiasts looking to speed up the sharpening process.

Flexible Mounting Options

The JIGS system offers two mounting options. It can be attached to the included acrylic base, which provides stability and a secure platform for sharpening, or directly mounted to a tabletop for added convenience. This adaptability allows you to choose the setup that best suits your sharpening workspace and preferences.

Impressive Sharpening Capability

With the 26-inch (65cm) wide swing range of the stone holder, the Jende JIGS 2.0 is versatile enough to handle 12 inch knives and more with ease. This means that whether you’re working with chef’s knives, machetes, or other sizable cutting tools, the JIGS can provide the precision sharpening they require.

Comprehensive Sharpening Stone Set

The JIGS 2.0 comes with a comprehensive set of sharpening stones, including five standard 1×6 stones. These include 220 and 1K Naniwa starter stones, along with 600, 1K, and 3K Chosera stones. This wide selection of stones ensures that you have the right abrasive for any sharpening task, from initial edge shaping to honing a polished, razor-sharp finish.

Notable Improvements in JIGS 2.0

The Jende JIGS 2.0 builds upon the success of the 1.0 version with several improvements. The most significant upgrades include a stainless steel rotary (replacing the previous brass one) and a magnetic crossbar, making it easier to zero out the angle cube before sharpening. These enhancements further enhance the precision and ease of use offered by the JIGS system.

Additional Attachments


The JIGS 2.0 includes two valuable additions: an extension to the Exacudrive system for large knives like the FN Big Taiwan Tuna Knives, which adds approximately 8 degrees to the height. On the other end, there is a small knife clamp attachment that inserts into the existing clamps, lowering the angle by about 4 degrees. These attachments expand the JIGS’ versatility, allowing you to cater to the specific sharpening needs of various knife types.

Scissor and Chisel Attachment

The Jende JIGS offers a unique and simple one-piece scissor and chisel attachment, adding even more capabilities to this already versatile system. The attachment extends the range of angles possible: from 17 to 90, so no scissor, chisel, or plane blade will ever have an excuse to not be sharp.


The Jende Industries Guided Sharpener (JIGS 2.0) is a remarkable knife sharpening system that embodies precision and ease of use. With its durable construction, precise Exacudrive system, versatile sharpening range, comprehensive set of sharpening stones, and scissor & chisel attachment, it offers professional-quality equipment for achieving superior edges. Whether you are a professional chef, a knife enthusiast, or simply someone who values the importance of sharp knives in the kitchen, the JIGS 2.0 is a worthy investment that can transform your knife sharpening experience. Upgrade your sharpening game and enjoy the satisfaction of effortlessly maintaining your knives’ optimal cutting performance with the Jende JIGS 2.0.

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