The 1×6 Acrylic Lapping Film Blank is purposefully crafted for compatibility with the Jende JIGS, TSProf, Hapstone, and Edgepro sharpening systems. Serving as the foundation for affixing various micron lapping films, it facilitates precise sharpening outcomes.

Constructed from a combination of acrylic and aluminum, this lapping film blank guarantees durability and stability throughout the sharpening process. With dimensions of 1 x 6 inches and a thickness of 7mm, it closely mirrors the thickness of standard stones. This characteristic allows for convenient thickness adjustment to align with the desired angle, ensuring efficient and effective sharpening.

Its compatibility with the mentioned sharpening systems adds to its versatility, making the lapping film blank an invaluable tool for sharpening enthusiasts.

1 review for 1×6 Acrylic Lapping Film Blank Mounted on Aluminium

  1. Tracy

    Suitable for my Edge pro systems

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