1×6 Chosera Water Stones – Set of All Grits are a mark of quality. These Japanese water stones create are used in conjunction with each other to create sharp edges on your knives and tools.

Some unique features of the 1×6 Chosera Water Stones include:

  • Stone Speed: The precise grit and quality manufacturing deliver fast cutting and polishing action and are well known for their wonderful feel & feedback.
  • Coarse Grits: (#400, #600, #800) are aggressive, and geared toward stock removal, repairs, and (re)profiling. They are also excellent at removing the deeper scratches from diamond plates.
  • Medium Grits: (#1,000, #2,000, #3,000) maintain and refine edges to working sharp levels and set the stage for fine grit polishing stones.
  • Fine Grits: (#5,000, #10,000) bring every edge to a whole new level of mirror finish and sharpness.
  • Wide compatibility: The Naniwa Chosera stones are compatible with the Jende JIGS for Knives, TSProf, Edge Pro, and Hapstone sharpening systems.
  • For Best Results: soak in water for a minute or two before use. Let air dry, and store dry when not in use. Lap the stones as necessary to keep clean and flat over time.
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 0.5 in


1 review for 1×6 Chosera Water Stones – Set of All Grits

  1. Henry

    They are Fast cutting & high polishing water stones perfect for me

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