Experience cutting-edge stropping technology with Jende Nanocloth Ultra bench strops! The 2×6″ Benchstone size is conveniently compatible with color-coded emulsions for quick and easy identification. With a thickness of 3/4″, it provides ample holding area for hand stropping or secure placement in a stone holder, making it perfect for travel or field stropping.

The Jende Nanocloth Ultra stands out as a synthetic stropping material without a traditional weave, ensuring consistent feedback in all directions. Unlike weaved strops that may exhibit variations in resistance feedback, similar to vacuuming a rug, the Nanocloth Ultra eliminates such uncertainties in your stropping technique.

Its uniform honeycomb structure allows emulsions to saturate the strop, ensuring more abrasive material stays on the strop rather than transferring onto your knife. The three-dimensional design further enhances the strop’s effectiveness, creating a snowshoe effect that results in even scratches during stropping.

The honeycomb tubes’ depth of abrasive material enables you to adjust the strop’s aggression level using differential pressure. Apply more pressure for increased aggression or use super-light strokes for a delicate finish stropping that gently enhances the edge.

The strop’s color-coded Acrylic base streamlines the process of selecting the desired grit, saving you time and avoiding confusion. Additionally, the laser-etched markings ensure long-lasting and clear identification, making the Jende Nanocloth Ultra bench strop a reliable and efficient tool for honing your blades.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 4.5 × 1.25 in


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  1. Marie

    Guys which one is the best cow, kangaroo or nanocloth ?

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