Formulated from Coticule stones, the Jende Coticule Emulsions add a touch of poly diamond to encourage the further breakdown of the slurry on Coticules, BBW stones, and strops. It’s a 20th century liquid Coticule.

Ardennes Coticule is the only operational mine left in the world, and  coticules are getting increasingly rare. Since a lot of coticule pieces are too thin or too small for use as a product, those coticules pieces have been crushed into powder form and made into an emulsion making it feasible for knives and razor stropping.

Each bottle of 20ml emulsion comes with options of two sizes. The first as 0-100 micron is a aggressive/larger granule form. The second as 0-25 micron is a smaller/finer granule size. For a long use , a small amount of poly diamond is added encouraging emulsion’s breakdown for further cutting and polishing properties. It makes coticule a relevant option for today’s abrasion resistant steels.




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