The enormous 10″ x 4″,  half inch thick float glass Jende Glass Lapping plate comes with coarse, medium, and fine Silicon Carbide lapping powders. The 0.5mm deep grooved side is designed to be used with lapping powders to flatten your stones, allowing for swarf runoff, and minimizes stiction on finer grit stones. The smooth side accommodates a half wide sheet of full sized sand paper or lapping film, and acts as reference plate for knives, chisels, planes & grinder blades.

For using the lapping side wet it with water. Lightly sprinkle the desired powder grit evenly on surface. Mark the stone with grid pattern in pencil. Lap with even pressure using an X pattern until pencil marks are removed.

For use as a reference side of lapping plate, cut sand paper or lapping film to size.
Secure the end under the plate fold the sandpaper, or use a little water to adhere the sandpaper and films to plate sufficiently.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 in


1 review for Jende Glass Lapping Plate with Silicone Carbide Powders

  1. Carlos

    Best in class 0.5mm deep grooved side used with lapping powders

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