Offered in 7 different grits, these emulsions are conveniently packaged in user-friendly 1 oz (25 ml) bottles. Application is straightforward: pump the desired quantity onto your stropping medium, ensure even spreading, allow it to dry, and proceed with regular usage. For detailed instructions on loading and using these with our Nanocloth, leather, and kangaroo strops, we highly recommend checking out our tutorial videos below.


Micron (µ)    Grit
4 Micron 4K
2 Micron 8K
1 Micron 16K
0.5 Micron 30K
0.25 Micron 60K
0.10 Micron 160K
0.025 Micron 600K


Diamond abrasives cut through all steel types, and even ceramic blades like a hot knife through butter. Poly diamonds are able to get into the smallest grooves and therefore leave a more consistent and finer finish. If you feel you need more cutting action, you can try our Max Concentration Emulsions.


Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


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  1. Ann

    Guys this kit is very effective.

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