WEPS Diamond Films by Jende - 6 Pieces

WEPS Diamond Films by Jende - 6 Pieces

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Abrasion resistant steels and ceramic blades are more popular than ever, and often times you will need diamonds in order to effectively sharpen these blades. Of course, you can use diamonds on any kind of steel.*

Our diamond films are high quality films that are cut specifically to fit Wicked Edge (WEPS) paddles, but can be utilized in other settings such as wrapping around dowels for serrated edges. A set of 6 pieces (3 pair) are available in 10 grits, and with or without PSA backing. Please choose your grit and the backing option above.

* NOTE: On the Wicked Edge, although our films are pretty tough, please be careful about your pressure when using scrubbing strokes so as not to cut the films.

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Width 1
Length 6
Type Blazers
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