The Naniwa Chosera stones embody exceptional quality, renowned for their efficacy in crafting sharp edges on various knives and tools. These Japanese water stones function harmoniously together to deliver impressive sharpness.

The 1×6 Chosera Water Stones boast distinctive traits:

Stone Speed: Known for their precise grit and quality manufacturing, these stones offer swift cutting and polishing abilities, providing a remarkable feel and feedback during use.

Grit Varieties: The coarse grits (#400, #600, #800) excel in aggressive stock removal, repairs, and (re)profiling, efficiently eliminating deeper scratches left by diamond plates. Meanwhile, the medium grits (#1,000, #2,000, #3,000) adeptly maintain and refine edges to a practical sharpness, preparing them for fine grit polishing stones. The fine grits (#5,000, #10,000) elevate edges to a mirror-like finish and exceptional sharpness.

Wide Compatibility: The Naniwa Chosera stones seamlessly integrate with sharpening systems like Jende JIGS for Knives, TSProf, Edge Pro, and Hapstone, ensuring versatile usability.

Recommended Use: For optimal results, soak the stones in water for a minute or two before usage. Afterward, allow them to air dry and store them dry when not in use. Regularly lap the stones to maintain a clean, flat surface over time.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 0.5 in


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  1. Emma

    Can choose from range from 400 to 10K

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