Explore the forefront of stropping technology with Jende Nanocloth Ultra bench strops! The 210x70mm acrylic bases, measuring a substantial 3/4″ in thickness, seamlessly fit into most conventional stone holders, catering to both bench and hand-held stropping needs. Each color corresponds to our Jende Diamond Emulsions, simplifying grit identification without the constant need to flip over the strop.

Please note that these strops do not include our Poly Diamond or CBN Emulsions, but you have the option to add them by clicking here.

The Jende Nano-cloth Ultra, a synthetic stropping material with no weave, ensures uniform feedback in all directions. Unlike woven strops with noticeable resistance change feedback, our Nano-cloth Ultra provides consistent stropping strokes.

The Honeycomb structure, characterized by consistent depth and minimal compression, allows emulsions to fill the honeycombs effectively. This feature keeps more abrasive on the strop and off your knife, creating a snow-shoe effect with even scratches during stropping.

The depth of the honeycomb allows for differential pressure, providing adjustable aggression. Apply more pressure for increased aggression or use super-light strokes to delicately refine the edge during finish stropping.

The color-coded acrylic base facilitates instant recognition of the desired grit strop, saving time and avoiding confusion. Laser etching ensures long-lasting and clear identification marks.

Compatible with Jende Poly Diamond Sprays, Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions, and Jende CBN Emulsions, these strops offer versatile and effective stropping options.


Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 4.5 × 1.25 in


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  1. Julia

    They are versatile and compatible with various other products

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