There’s a range of 1×6 Naniwa water stones offering quality at an affordable price point. These stones, mounted on standard 1×6 blanks, fit seamlessly into Jende JIGS for Knives, Edge Pro, Hapstone, and TSProf guided sharpening systems.

220 GC: An extra coarse grit stone ideal for foundational sharpening of yanagi and deba knives, cutting swiftly and efficiently.

320 Pro: A unique formulation similar in quality and speed to Chosera stones, offering a touch more cutting action. It serves as a premium transition, repair, and reprofiling stone.

600 “Bubble Gum”: With surprisingly fast cutting action, this medium-level grit removes previous scratches, leaving a smooth surface for further refinement. Perfect for enhancing the bevel of Japanese clad steel.

1K Goken Pro: A medium-level stone typically found only in Japan, delivering a good matte finish and capable of achieving hair-shaving sharpness.

1K “Chocolate Bar”: Using clay binding but offering enhanced strength and cutting power, this traditional medium-level stone leaves a highly respectable working sharp edge.

4K Finisher: Utilizing traditional clay style but incorporating Naniwa technology, this stone boasts a solid foundation, releasing just enough mud for a smooth, shiny finish without significant dishing.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 0.5 in

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  1. Ava

    My work is most of the time in water so i need something specifically for use with water only

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