Jende Diamond lapping films excel in their performance when used on tough abrasion-resistant steels and ceramic blades. With a PSA backing, these films are easy to apply to KME lapping film blanks. All you need to do is remove the paper backing, and you’re ready to attach the films to the blanks for immediate use.

These films are precision-cut to the 1 x 4″ size, ensuring a perfect fit for the KME system and a user-friendly experience. Beyond flat surfaces, they can also be wrapped around curved objects such as dowels to tackle serrated edges effectively.


A set of 5 pieces is available, offering 10 different grit variations:

80 Micron (200 Grit)

60 Micron (300 Grit)

45 Micron (400 Grit)

30 Micron (600 Grit)

15 Micron (1200 Grit)

9 Micron (2200 Grit)

6 Micron (3300 Grit)

3 Micron (7000 Grit)

1 Micron (16,000 Grit)

0.5 Micron (30,000 Grit)

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 0.5 in

1 review for 1×4 Jende Diamond Lapping Film 5 Pieces Set

  1. Drake

    It’s perfect to sharpen serrated edges.

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